Santa Barbara – Rosso Piceno D.O.C.-辣西西里(北京)國際貿易有限公司
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    Grade: D.O.C.
    Size: 750ml x 6 btls/crt
    Production area: The Marche
    Grapes: Sangiovese, Montepulciano
    Alcohol: 13%vol
    Serving temperature: 18°C


    Santa Barbara is not only the name of this winery, it is the name of a wine production area as well.
    The winery is located in an ancient monastery. Santa Barbara winery boasts modern technologies and an undisputed respect for traditions. Passion, mixed with a respect for the land and the determination to innovate are the foundations on which they built their winery. Each harvest is an important test of theirs wines and vineyards. Year after year, they set their sights on improving the standard of the grapes, respecting the traditions and the history of the land they farm, yet applying new concepts to vine-growing by thinning and having an obsessive attention to the health of the plants.

    Santa Barbara – Rosso Piceno D.O.C.