Paolucci – Genziana-辣西西里(北京)國際貿易有限公司
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  • Genziana
    Packaging: 500ml
    Origin: Italy
    Alcohol: 30%vol

    Product information:

    Obtained by alcohol infusion of both flowers and fruits of the yellow Gentiana Lutea and other natural herbs that smooth the taste of this Genziana Ciociara.
    It offers to the nose hot sensation of wood and roots, while the mouth reveals its appreciable body clearness and persistence. Best serve as natural digestive.


    History, territory, tradition, technological innovation and internationalization are Paolucci Liquori’s key words. This factory, whose origins date back to early Nineteenth century, still follows very ancient recipes, natural and attentively selected ingredients are used to produce Italian liqueurs and distillates, in particular those typical of Central Italy.

    Paolucci – Genziana