Kimbo – Aroma Intenso Coffee Beans-辣西西里(北京)國際貿易有限公司
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  • 金波–咖啡豆
    Packaging: 1kg x 6 pcs/crt
    Origin: Italy
    Shelf life: 2 years

    Store in a cool and dry place.



    Product information:

    Rich with full Character. Italian-style roasting and a penetrating aroma give this blend its characteristic intensity. Suitable for food service channel.

    The Kimbo brand was founded in 1971 in Naples, Italy. This is a charming city with a long history and a great culture in making and appreciating the best espresso.
    Thanks to its traditional processes, Kimbo is able to offer unrevealed flavors and quality. Their mission is to spread Italian coffee throughout the world and make a quality product inspired by the Neapolitan tradition and authentically made in Italy, available on the national and international markets and created with the most advanced technology, while respecting the people and the environment.

    Kimbo – Aroma Intenso Coffee Beans